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Excavation Services

  • Professional Excavating Services Have the Right Equipment
  • Dirt Is Not Just Dirt
  • Margin Of Error Is Reduced
  • We Protect the Environment
  • Our Excavation Services Are Properly Insured
  • Reduced Time and Cost
  • Proper Cleanup Is A Part of the Process
  • Prevent Property Damage
  • Excavation can be Dangerous, Even Downright Deadly, and must be done by professionals


Roll-Off Dumpsters

  • Commercial rental dumpsters improve safety
  • Friendly to the Environment
  • Scrap and Precious Metals Are Recycled
  • A Safer Job Site
  • Versatile Waste Disposal
  • Better Compliance
  • Reduced Risk of Litigation
  • Eco-Friendly
Fox & Sons Excavating

Fox & Sons Excavating is an excavation company located in Clarendon PA. We are a fully licensed and insured excavation contractors. Our services include excavation, trenching, mini excavation services as well as roll off services. Contact us for all of your excavation needs. We look forward to working with you!

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